What is Moxie?

MOXIE is a soft drink. It was the most popular
soft drink in America in the 1930's. If you would like
more info on the history of Moxie please see the

( A club for the Lovers of Moxie)

How do I get Moxie?

We sell and ship MOXIE from our Store in
Tampa, Florida. Cost is $19.99 per case of 24 cans
plus shipping. You may order using your Visa or MC
by call us at 813-972-1784 during our normal business
hours (10am-8pm M-Sat). We encourage you to stop
by our store if you are in the Tampa bay area. Feel free
to call for directions.
What does Moxie Taste Like?
Ask ten people and you will get ten different
answers. I would describe MOXIE as a cross between
Rootbeer, Ginger ale and Cherry cough syrup. Not as
sweet as today's soft drinks and a slight medicinal after-
taste. I have grow to really like it. Kids usually are not that
fond of it. But there must be something about MOXIE that
keeps it our number one seller!
or call 813-972-1784